Saturday, May 23, 2015

The College of the Ozarks

The College of the Ozarks is located near Branson, Missouri.  There are 1500 students.  All students work for their tuition, books, living expenses, etc.  No money is required.  Students work on campus in a field that will be their career (planned).

One of the interesting locations on campus is the Ralph Foster Museum.  The college is supported entire by donations.  This is a collection of Winchester rifles.  There are collections of most gun manufactures.

For example:  Smith and Wesson revolvers.

Don't overlook semi-automatic pistols.

Lots of collections of wildlife

Do you remember the old TV show, The Beverly Hillbillies?  This is Granny's actual car.  Someone donated it.

Model of the paddle wheeler, Robert E Lee

I knew that if I looked long enough, I would find a car.  This is a 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II.

There are thousands of displays in this museum.  All of them are interesting.

Well----this wraps up our current trip - all that's left is to get home safely.  

Our next trip will be something that just pops up.  We have not plans at the moment for a trip in June; however, we may go to the Roadtrek factory in Kirschner, Ontario, Canada if we can get an appointment.  We won't know about that for a week or two.

Check back in a week or two, we may have plans then.

Ron, Tippy and Treky 

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  1. I surely hope you got to eat at the college too. The food is wonderful!