Thursday, May 7, 2015

Music Tour Orientation

This is the sign on the front of the Wagon Master's RV.  He will lead the tour. Bringing up the rear will be the Tail Gunner. 

The Wagon Master has the day's agenda posted in his RV Windshield.  This is the schedule for Thursday May 7th.

Treky is number 15 in line.  He has an identical decal on his front end.  This is how the Wagon Master and Tail Gunner keep up with us.

Treky's new windshield cover works well in this 90 degree heat.  It's cooler inside.

Treky's  awning helps reduce the heat inside too.  Tippy and I enjoy sitting under the awning and relaxing.  Note our old red chair.  That old chair has been close to 100,000 miles and it's kinda weather worn.  Tippy thinks Treky looks handsome.

This is my badge.  It must be worn at all times.  Without it - No dinner, No transportation, No shows.  Treky has a badge, Ron has a badge,  Sooner or later, Tippy is going to realize that he does not have a badge - then there's going to be a problem.

This is parked in a campsite across from Treky.  Neat, I think.

We will be back tomorrow with a report on a dinner and a show.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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