Friday, May 1, 2015

Louisiana Exhibit and Museum Day 3

Fishing and fishing equipment is big business in Louisiana.  

 Every museum has War Between the States swords - - Here too.

This bale of cotton represented the total cash income for a year for many families.  Statistics in next photo.  I think 500 pounds would be tough to move around and ship by hand.

How many boles of cotton does it take to equal 500 pounds?  How many times do you have to bend over to hand pick that many boles?

Louisiana Cypress Pirogue.  "Pirogue" - That's Louisiana for canoe I think.

Crawfish trap

Alligators live here too.

I think this is the most impressive exhibit in the museum.  See below.  This boat is 980 years old !

This says, "Bald Cypress Log Boat 30'-8" long X 17" high - - Caddo Culture A.D. 1025 - Found by John P. Hobbs, Excavated by C. H. Webb & Rose, Kendall & Kevin Kelly Red River near Dixie on W. H. North Plantation.  

Artist Concept - Native Americans in Louisiana

See next photo for explanation

Poverty Point is the name of and area near Shreveport - 1500 B. C. is over 3500 years ago.  People have been living here a long time.

There's lots more to see and enjoy at this museum - It's worth a visit and it's only minutes from I-20. 

We will be here one more day and then back home in a mad dash for three days and then off to the Music Caravan tour - Nashville, 4 days; Memphis 4 days; and Branson 4 days.    Tippy, Treky and I love the Blues..

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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