Saturday, May 16, 2015

Little Rock, Arkansas

The Yellow Rose of Arkansas.  Little Rock is just an overnight stop between Memphis and Branson - so we don't have to drive so far in one day - Not much to post about Little Rock.

Treky decided to park just four feet from the mighty Arkansas River.  The river was about a quarter mile wide and was flowing angrily due to heavy rains upstream.  Tippy and I  worried about flooding but Treky promised to stay awake all night and move to higher ground if the river rose above the bank.  Good ole Treky!

You can see how wide the river is.  That's the Little Rock skyline in the distance.

Tippy  likes the blue lights on the river bridge reflecting in the river water.

I like the reflection of the city lights.

The road  to Branson is mostly two lane.  There is one hill after another and one right turn after another.

Treky  points out that there are many left hand turns as well.  The drive offered beautiful scenery, many small towns and a nice respite from the interstates.

We'll  see you in Branson, Missouri,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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