Sunday, May 17, 2015

Buck Trent, Riverboat and SIX Shows

Buck Trent is shown here out in the audience greeting one of our tour members.

Something about the stage lights kills my camera.  Everything turns white.  Buck Trent is well known to me by his role in Hee Haw.  He was the blond headed, stupid looking, tall, skinny boy who could tear up a banjo.  He and Roy Clark frequently had "dueling banjos" skits.  Buck also was  regular on the Dolly Parton show. He can still play well.  

One of Buck's band members was country music male vocalist of the year a little while ago.  I'm sorry for the poor pictures.

Buck liked to come out into the audience and have his picture taken.  Who is that old guy with Buck Kent?  The Buck Kent show was a morning (9 am) show.

That afternoon, we went aboard the Branson Belle showboat for a dinner cruise.

The Branson Belle at dock side.

Branson Belle dining room.  I had chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes, sweet peas, roll and ice cream cake. 

The Branson Belle offered musical entertainment and a magician while we were cruising on Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock Lake viewed from the deck of the Branson Belle.

After the dinner cruise, we went to a show called SIX.  The show consisted of six brothers who had no instrumental backup.  All sounds were made by the voices of the brothers.

Each audience member was presented with a keepsake pin.  It makes a nice souvenir.  The show was great and the voices were so good at making musical instrument sounds.

Wow!  Three shows in one day.  Tomorrow will be the Mickey Gilley show.

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