Monday, May 11, 2015

Beale Street - Memphis, Tennessee

This is Beale Street - where the blues and rock and roll originated and continue to be polished.  It's a street of clubs, restaurants, souvenir shops, music stores and memories.

The Blues Cafe is pretty typical of some of the restaurants on Beale Street.  See the man standing at a counter on the corner?  He is a "Barker" - his job is to greet each person walking on the sidewalk and invite them into his restaurant.  That reminds me of New Orleans.

We had lunch at B B King's Blues Club.  It was a buffet with fried chicken, pulled pork barbecue, mac and cheese, Cole slaw, corn muffins, and a brownie.  And I must add excellent service.  Great sweet iced tea.

I really wanted a MoJo hat - They are made on Beale street and are very popular with the musicians here.  However, I have 4 hats in Treky and there is no more room.  I did buy a pair of drum sticks from the Sun Record store.

Some smart aleck is going to ask, "Ron, why did you waste your money buying drum sticks - you don't know how to play."
Well, Smart aleck - - that's me above.  I earned my living that way for a while.

There must be a dozen barbecue joints in two blocks of Beale Street.  Memphis  barbecue chefs use a dry rub on their meat instead of the liquid sauce.

In Hollywood, movie personalities have their names engraved in stars in the sidewalk.  In Memphis, outstanding local blues and rock and roll stars have their named engraved on  eighth notes embedded in the sidewalk.  There are some great names here.

The Hard Rock Cafe has a place here too.

Tomorrow, I go to Graceland - the home and burial place of Elvis Presley and his family.  See yawl then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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