Saturday, May 23, 2015

The College of the Ozarks

The College of the Ozarks is located near Branson, Missouri.  There are 1500 students.  All students work for their tuition, books, living expenses, etc.  No money is required.  Students work on campus in a field that will be their career (planned).

One of the interesting locations on campus is the Ralph Foster Museum.  The college is supported entire by donations.  This is a collection of Winchester rifles.  There are collections of most gun manufactures.

For example:  Smith and Wesson revolvers.

Don't overlook semi-automatic pistols.

Lots of collections of wildlife

Do you remember the old TV show, The Beverly Hillbillies?  This is Granny's actual car.  Someone donated it.

Model of the paddle wheeler, Robert E Lee

I knew that if I looked long enough, I would find a car.  This is a 1931 Rolls Royce Phantom II.

There are thousands of displays in this museum.  All of them are interesting.

Well----this wraps up our current trip - all that's left is to get home safely.  

Our next trip will be something that just pops up.  We have not plans at the moment for a trip in June; however, we may go to the Roadtrek factory in Kirschner, Ontario, Canada if we can get an appointment.  We won't know about that for a week or two.

Check back in a week or two, we may have plans then.

Ron, Tippy and Treky 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mickey Gilley

The Mickey Gilley show had more of the "old time" songs that I like.  He has his own theater and notice his Corvette parked in front.

A few years ago, he had a bad fall and was paralyzed from the waist down and could not walk for a year.  He spent much of the show sitting down and depended on the two female singers to carry the load of performing.  He is 79 years old.

 After the show, he came out into the audience and just talked to everybody and signed autographs.

He likes to sit and talk to everyone about where they are from, etc.

More shows tomorrow.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Buck Trent, Riverboat and SIX Shows

Buck Trent is shown here out in the audience greeting one of our tour members.

Something about the stage lights kills my camera.  Everything turns white.  Buck Trent is well known to me by his role in Hee Haw.  He was the blond headed, stupid looking, tall, skinny boy who could tear up a banjo.  He and Roy Clark frequently had "dueling banjos" skits.  Buck also was  regular on the Dolly Parton show. He can still play well.  

One of Buck's band members was country music male vocalist of the year a little while ago.  I'm sorry for the poor pictures.

Buck liked to come out into the audience and have his picture taken.  Who is that old guy with Buck Kent?  The Buck Kent show was a morning (9 am) show.

That afternoon, we went aboard the Branson Belle showboat for a dinner cruise.

The Branson Belle at dock side.

Branson Belle dining room.  I had chicken, roast beef, mashed potatoes, sweet peas, roll and ice cream cake. 

The Branson Belle offered musical entertainment and a magician while we were cruising on Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock Lake viewed from the deck of the Branson Belle.

After the dinner cruise, we went to a show called SIX.  The show consisted of six brothers who had no instrumental backup.  All sounds were made by the voices of the brothers.

Each audience member was presented with a keepsake pin.  It makes a nice souvenir.  The show was great and the voices were so good at making musical instrument sounds.

Wow!  Three shows in one day.  Tomorrow will be the Mickey Gilley show.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Branson, MO

On our first morning in Branson, our tour group had breakfast at Golden Coral.

While eating breakfast at the Golden Coral, we were entertained by Barbara Fairchild and her husband.  I have learned that it is very difficult to take a good picture of entertainers on stage due to stage lighting.  Everything turns white.

Also, we attended the Dolly Partain Dixie Stampede Dinner theater.  The show was great - Dinner was a whole Rotisserie chicken, baked potato, corn on the cob, slice of barbecue, soup, biscuit, and a chocolate cookie.  I had lemonade too.  The gave us a doggie bag and I took home enough chicken that Tippy and I ate off it for the next day.

On the evening of day two, we went to the Shoji Tabuchi Theater.  Shoji is a Japanese violinist.  

The theater  was very elaborate.  I took this picture in the men's restroom of the lavatories.  In the rest room is also a pool table.

This is not a good picture but is the best I can do with stage lighting.  This is Shoji Tabuchi.  He played classical, jazz, modern, swing and a little country - Very enjoyable evening.

Tomorrow, we  have reserved seating for the Buck Trent Show in the morning and in the afternoon, we will have a dinner cruise on the showboat Branson Belle and in the evening we will attend the Six Show at the Mickey Gilley Theater.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Little Rock, Arkansas

The Yellow Rose of Arkansas.  Little Rock is just an overnight stop between Memphis and Branson - so we don't have to drive so far in one day - Not much to post about Little Rock.

Treky decided to park just four feet from the mighty Arkansas River.  The river was about a quarter mile wide and was flowing angrily due to heavy rains upstream.  Tippy and I  worried about flooding but Treky promised to stay awake all night and move to higher ground if the river rose above the bank.  Good ole Treky!

You can see how wide the river is.  That's the Little Rock skyline in the distance.

Tippy  likes the blue lights on the river bridge reflecting in the river water.

I like the reflection of the city lights.

The road  to Branson is mostly two lane.  There is one hill after another and one right turn after another.

Treky  points out that there are many left hand turns as well.  The drive offered beautiful scenery, many small towns and a nice respite from the interstates.

We'll  see you in Branson, Missouri,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Friday, May 15, 2015

Graceland - Elvis' Airplanes

Elvis spent the last years of his life flying from one engagement to another.  He need a plane large enough to relax in.  He named this plane "Lisa Marie" after his daughter.

This could be called the living room.  Frequently his quartet flew with him and they would play cards and practice in this room while flying to an engagement.

How about a dining room aboard?

Private dining area

Big man - Big bed.

For short hops, Elvis took his Jet Star - just two jet engines

As you can see, nothing elaborate here.  I believe Treky has more room.  I know that I can stand up in Treky and I had to bend way over inside the Jet Star.

OK - Enough Elvis - Next we go to Branson, Missouri where I will see many musical shows.  There's not much to photograph at shows so I don't know what to expect as far as blog posts are concerned.  We'll play it by ear.  

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Graceland - Elvis' Cars

Elvis loved cars - Who doesn't?

Mercedes 280 St Roadster - I really like this one!

1956 Cadillac Eldorado - I like this one!!

Elvis bought this Jeep for the estate guards to use.  You can see that he liked very conservative colors.  Checkout those white-wall tires. I like this one!!!

1966 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud.  I like this one!!!!

1973 Stutz Black Hawk  This is the car Elvis was driving when he went out his front gate  the last time before he died.  I like this car!!!!!  Check out the continental tire kit on the trunk.

1969 Mercedes Benz 600 limousine - It's good but I think the Stuz is best!!!  - - Elvis too said that the Stutz was his favorite.

Did I say that I like cars - Especially the ones that Elvis owned?

Tomorrow we'll look at his airplanes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Graceland - Elvis Presley's Home

It seems to me that Graceland is a theme park with Elvis Presley as the theme.  There are areas devoted to his home, his cars, his airplanes, his movies and his records.  Also there are the typical restaurants and gift shops.

This is Graceland - the house, with the sun in my eyes.  Elvis did not build it.  It was built in 1939 and was named after the builders mother, Grace.  Elvis bought it in the 1950's for his mother.

The living room with the music room beyond.  The whole house is brightly decorated with hot colors.  

Dining room with more bright colors and super bright chandelier - I rather doubt that Elvis ever ate in this room - It just doesn't fit his personality or habits.

A portrait of Elvis hangs next to the staircase.
A photograph of Elvis' wife and daughter also hang there.

Elvis had a maid and cook who was loved by Elvis.  He often asked her to make him a peanut butter and banana sandwich and fry it.  Over there on the stove is a skillet - I wonder if that's the skillet she used to fry his sandwich.

The billiard room.  Elvis paid $100,000.00 for the house.

Wet bar

I photographed many more rooms - but they began to look all alike.  In the next few days I will post pictures of his cars, airplanes and grave.

Ron, Tippy and Treky