Thursday, April 9, 2015

Treky's Checkup and Repairs

That's Treky in the service bay at Dick Gore RV Center in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

This is the old solar panel controller - The E5 means Error 5.  I called Roadtrek, described the problem and with no questions asked, they shipped a new controller to the Roadtrek dealer of my choice - can't beat that for service.

This is the new solar panel controller.  The old controller had a window that showed how many volts were going here there and yonder.  The new one just has a green light when it's working properly and a red light if there is a problem.  Treky says, "Even Ron can understand that".

The air conditioner/heat pump was taking hot air from outside, attempting to cool it and blowing it inside.  The RV technician repaired it so that it recirculates the inside air and is much more efficient.  The ambient air temperature here today in in the mid 90's so we appreciate the technicians innovative solution to our problem.

 One thing about the air conditioner that we really like is it's name - - - Cool Cat - Treky is proud of it and Tippy and I think it's.....Cool!

Tippy:  "While we were here, we visited Ron's Granddaughter.  She and her husband just moved into a brand new beautiful home.  They have a daughter (Ron's Great Grand Daughter) that I just love.  She is beautiful and so gentle when she pets me.  They also have a new puppy named Mikey. He's so much fun to play with."

We head home in the morning to face the inconvenience of  redecorating.   Our next trip will be a long one.  In about two weeks, we depart home for a rally in Shreveport, Louisiana for a week or so - then we're off to a music caravan - four days in Nashville - four days in Memphis and four days in Branson, MO.  So bear with us until then.  We have some long and exciting trips planned for the rest of this year.

Thanks for coming to Richmond Hill with us.

Ron, Tippy and Treky 

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