Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Taking Treky to His Doctor

This is what we are leaving behind at home as we travel to Richmond Hill, Georgia to have a few minor repairs made to Treky tomorrow.

The house is still pretty well messed up by the redecorating.  Tippy likes to sit and sleep on the old windows treatment (treatment - that's a new word for curtains).

Tippy wants to show a picture of his real home bed, with his toys next to his food.  He's a happy dog.

Can you see Treky over there on the right side in the corner.  This is where he sleeps and rests when we are not on the road - right next to one of the big boys.  He does have an electric connection  there to keep him warm in cold weather.  Plugged in, Treky does not require winterization.

Treky likes to leave home with a full gas tank so we stopped by the local station for some gas.  Look at that price - $1.86 - I bet no place in the U S can beat that price.  South Carolina keeps taxes down.

Right now, Treky is parked in our driveway ready to go.  I've loaded him except for mine and Tippy's medicine and the refrigerator food.  Tippy and I always get excited before any trip and have trouble sleeping.  I'll finish loading in the morning.

Tomorrow, I'll post Treky's repairs and a little about our trip - mostly two lane highways - on our way to Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. You have a very attractive property and Treky looks good too. Looking forward to your photos as I have plans to come to SC next month. I'll be traveling from Dayton, Ohio to Irmo, Beaufort, Skidaway Island, and St. Augustine.