Thursday, April 16, 2015

Planning Our Next Adventure

Those white blooms on our Pyrocantha (sp?) bush will be red berries when we get back from our next trip.

You can also see the Encore Azaleas blooming - they bloom three times a year.

 It will be about a week before Treky pulls into the driveway to be loaded but you know how impatient Tippy is.  He keeps looking out the dining room window watching for Treky.

When I told Tippy that it will be at least a week before we leave, he said, "Oh well I might as well take a nap".

Here's the way our route looks for now.  Home through Atlanta on I-20; spend the night in Birmingham; then onto Shreveport, LA for five day rally; then back through Birmingham and Atlanta to home for two days; then to Nashville, Memphis and Branson, four days each, for a Music Caravan and then back home.  Total trip: almost a month.

We hope redecorating will be completed when we return.  It would make us happy if you went along with us on this adventure so we could say, "Look at this - look at that".  Since that's not possible, we will take notes and pictures and share them.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. I'll come along on your adventure - keep me posted!