Friday, April 24, 2015

Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, Alabama

I'm back to the land where I was born and spent the first 38 years of my life.  Oak Mountain State Park is huge - 10,000 acres - It's five and a half miles from the entrance gate to the campground but the drive is scenic and worthwhile.

Sometimes we are asked about the blog details.  Here is a report that Google maintains about our two blogs.  As you can see our original blog, "Adventures of Ron and Tippy Henderson" logged 51,543 page views or hits.  Our newest blog, "Ron, Tippy, Treky has just hit its 10,000th hit.  We have a world wide audience.  The current week sees readers from Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia as well as the US.
These bird houses at the park are made from clay.

There must be at least two dozen nature trails throughout the park.  Tippy and I started down this trail until I remembered from my days in Alabama that April is the month when Water Moccasins migrate and they don't let anything stand in their way.  We stayed on the gravel paths.

 Tippy loves nature trails - The only thing he likes better is exploring under picnic tables looking for bones or food that someone left behind.

Oak Mountain State Park is heavily wooded.  It is known as one of the southern-most mountains of the Appalachian Chain.  Tippy believes that anything "Southern" has to be good.  Ha.

This large lake is adjacent to the campground and fishing is permitted (with a license).  Licenses are available at the campground office.  There is also horseback riding, golf, and swimming.

There's Treky in site B-32 - All sites have water and 30 amp electricity.  A dump station is available - Showers and rest rooms are very clean.

This notice is clipped to a post at our campsite.  Treky is very proud of the fact that it identifies him as a motorhome.  Sometime folks call him a van.  Tippy and I don't care what they call him cause we love Treky.

Just look at this tiny little blue and yellow flower in the mist of all the huge trees.  Tippy stuck his foot in the picture so you can visualize how tiny the flower is.

We must mention that the Oak Mountain State Park is so large that it is impossible to obtain a signal of any kind - no TV, no cell phone and no WiFi.  That's why we are a day late.  We give the park five stars - something for everyone.

Ron, Tippy and Treky will see you in the Louisiana State Fairgrounds tomorrow at the FMCA rally. 

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