Saturday, April 25, 2015

Louisiana State Fair Grounds

For Treky to get us to Louisiana, he has to go through Mississippi.  The three of us think that Mississippi has the finest welcome centers and rest areas in the United States.  First, they are landscaped beautifully - they have GOOD and free WiFi - Nice places for Tippy to exercise - the grounds and restrooms are spotlessly clean.  We like Mississippi.

We arrived at the FMCA rally a day early - nothing is going on - so Tippy suggested that we explore the fairgrounds once we get Treky parked and hooked up.  It's 85 degrees - that's hot for us.

We have found pretty flowers at every stop on this trip.  These look like roses but the bush part does not look like the rose bushes that I am familiar with so.........I don't know what they are except pretty.  They are on the fairgrounds route to the vendor's area.

Look at that slide - you can see the rear of some of the class A's that are here early too.  Tippy and I are not going to do the slide.

This is the building where the Roadtrekers will have dinner on Tuesday afternoon.  The name of the building makes me hungry.  Tippy can't go but I'll bring him a taste or two.

This is the Agriculture Building where I will have Breakfast every morning of the rally.  Also three of the rooms in the building will be used for seminars.

A local sports team plays at this coliseum  that is located on the fairgrounds.

There is also a large stadium here.

A few RV's are beginning to arrive.

You have to have good eyes to see Treky way down there.  He's the only brown Roadtrek and he's on the corner facing this way.  We expect to have 39 Roadtreks here - I think that's 64 Roadtrekers - Some Solos and some couples.

It's hot - we're going to have lunch and then take our nap. 

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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