Monday, April 27, 2015

INTO FMCA Rally - Shreveport, LA

Treky is a member of Region 1 of Roadtrek International.  Florida is Region 5 all by itself.  I guess that Region 7 is this part of the country.  Anyway the Vice Presidents of Region 7 did a great job as hosts.  I especially appreciate that they provided me with a list of all the Roadtrekers who attended this rally.

On Sunday, the high temperature was 89 degrees and Tippy spotted this tree on our walk.  He said we should head for it and rest in the shade.  Today, Monday, the high temperature will be 65 and tomorrow, Tuesday, the high temperature will be 56 - Yes, I said HIGH temperature - Can you believe it?

Tippy resting in the shade of that tree

The big rigs are coming in

The Roadtreks are coming in - All the way around - More are parked behind Treky.  Treky's nose is sticking out on the right side of the picture

Yesterday afternoon, we had a "hot dog bash".  We had hot dogs cooked on a charcoal grill, baked beans, and lots of condiments for the hot dogs.  I especially liked that I could load up on onions.  Also had bottled water and chips.  I had eaten half of my hot dog when I thought to take the picture.

Tomorrow, the "Geeks on Tour" will present a seminar entitled, "What Does This Button Do?" This will be about smart phones - sounds like something I will enjoy.

Yesterday afternoon, a group of Roadtrekers gathered for good conversation.  Tippy got bored and went to sleep upside down in my lap.  That's the way he likes to sleep - upside down with his little paws sticking straight up.  A Roadtreker friend took the picture with my camera.

Tomorrow, we will have a group breakfast and I will visit a Louisiana museum located adjacent to the fairgrounds.

See ya then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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