Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Louisiana Exhibit and Museum Day 2

You can't beat the price - In the background is the rear entrance.  I go this way from the camping area.

Gulf fishing and shrimping are big industries in Louisiana.

 In 1872 during Reconstruction, all public offices were held by African Americans.  This is a picture of the Administrative and Legislative branches of Louisiana government in 1872.

Artists concept of a typical Louisiana family farm

Logging and paper making is big business in Louisiana

This is an early pulp mill used in making paper - In the old days, you could smell a paper mill for miles - YUK!

This is the kind of boat that was used to transport freight and people using the local rivers.

Louisiana is one of the leading producers of poultry.  These chickens may be headed to KFC.

Your sweet potatoes and pork may have come from around here.

There will be more exhibits from the museum in the next day or two but tomorrow, we'll be looking at some of the things going on at the rally.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Louisiana Exhibit Museum at Shreveport, LA

Museum entrance - very impressive building.  

The first thing that caught my attention when I entered the museum was this old car.

It is a Bour-Davis.  There was a Bour-Davis production facility located in Louisiana.  I had never heard of a Bour-Davis car.

With a few exceptions, the museum is constructed in a huge circular hall way. Artifacts and displays are located on both left and right walls as well as in the center of the hall way.  It took me over an hour to stroll through all the exhibits.  I'm slow and am interested in everything.

One of the main economic driving forces in Louisiana is the oil business so naturally one of the first displays involves drilling for oil.

There is a section covering local wildlife.

I didn't ask too many questions about this skunk.  The exhibit is about the food chain - how one animal provides food to another animal who provides food to another and so on.

We have posted only about a quarter of the exhibits and displays.  More tomorrow and perhaps the next day.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Monday, April 27, 2015

INTO Shreveport Rally Day 2

Just look at Tippy boring into tall grass where he can not see where he is going or what might be in there that could harm him.  Tippy does not know what fear is.

More Roadtreks have arrived.  Treky is in the number one spot on the far right.  That's our red and blue chairs in front.  Those chairs are three years old and have "been through the mill" but they are still serviceable - they don't look too good though.  Treky says, "That's the same with Ron and Tippy, they have been through the mill and don't look so good".  Shame on you Treky!

This morning I enjoyed a wonderful breakfast.  You can see the volunteers preparing to serve the meal.

This morning for breakfast I had scrambled eggs, grits, sausage, ham and gravy biscuit, and coffee. Breakfast will be served every day of the rally.

One of the best parts of breakfast here is the good conversation with good camping friends - much better than reading the newspaper or watching TV.

Tippy likes to hang out in front of Treky so that he can greet people and dogs that pass by.  He never meets a stranger,  never barks or gets in to an altercation with another dog.  He's super friendly.

Tomorrow, I'll visit the museum that is located next to our camping area and take a few pictures.

Have a good night - Here, the high temperature tomorrow will be 56 degrees. Wow!

Ron, Tippy and Treky

INTO FMCA Rally - Shreveport, LA

Treky is a member of Region 1 of Roadtrek International.  Florida is Region 5 all by itself.  I guess that Region 7 is this part of the country.  Anyway the Vice Presidents of Region 7 did a great job as hosts.  I especially appreciate that they provided me with a list of all the Roadtrekers who attended this rally.

On Sunday, the high temperature was 89 degrees and Tippy spotted this tree on our walk.  He said we should head for it and rest in the shade.  Today, Monday, the high temperature will be 65 and tomorrow, Tuesday, the high temperature will be 56 - Yes, I said HIGH temperature - Can you believe it?

Tippy resting in the shade of that tree

The big rigs are coming in

The Roadtreks are coming in - All the way around - More are parked behind Treky.  Treky's nose is sticking out on the right side of the picture

Yesterday afternoon, we had a "hot dog bash".  We had hot dogs cooked on a charcoal grill, baked beans, and lots of condiments for the hot dogs.  I especially liked that I could load up on onions.  Also had bottled water and chips.  I had eaten half of my hot dog when I thought to take the picture.

Tomorrow, the "Geeks on Tour" will present a seminar entitled, "What Does This Button Do?" This will be about smart phones - sounds like something I will enjoy.

Yesterday afternoon, a group of Roadtrekers gathered for good conversation.  Tippy got bored and went to sleep upside down in my lap.  That's the way he likes to sleep - upside down with his little paws sticking straight up.  A Roadtreker friend took the picture with my camera.

Tomorrow, we will have a group breakfast and I will visit a Louisiana museum located adjacent to the fairgrounds.

See ya then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Louisiana State Fair Grounds

For Treky to get us to Louisiana, he has to go through Mississippi.  The three of us think that Mississippi has the finest welcome centers and rest areas in the United States.  First, they are landscaped beautifully - they have GOOD and free WiFi - Nice places for Tippy to exercise - the grounds and restrooms are spotlessly clean.  We like Mississippi.

We arrived at the FMCA rally a day early - nothing is going on - so Tippy suggested that we explore the fairgrounds once we get Treky parked and hooked up.  It's 85 degrees - that's hot for us.

We have found pretty flowers at every stop on this trip.  These look like roses but the bush part does not look like the rose bushes that I am familiar with so.........I don't know what they are except pretty.  They are on the fairgrounds route to the vendor's area.

Look at that slide - you can see the rear of some of the class A's that are here early too.  Tippy and I are not going to do the slide.

This is the building where the Roadtrekers will have dinner on Tuesday afternoon.  The name of the building makes me hungry.  Tippy can't go but I'll bring him a taste or two.

This is the Agriculture Building where I will have Breakfast every morning of the rally.  Also three of the rooms in the building will be used for seminars.

A local sports team plays at this coliseum  that is located on the fairgrounds.

There is also a large stadium here.

A few RV's are beginning to arrive.

You have to have good eyes to see Treky way down there.  He's the only brown Roadtrek and he's on the corner facing this way.  We expect to have 39 Roadtreks here - I think that's 64 Roadtrekers - Some Solos and some couples.

It's hot - we're going to have lunch and then take our nap. 

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Friday, April 24, 2015

Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, Alabama

I'm back to the land where I was born and spent the first 38 years of my life.  Oak Mountain State Park is huge - 10,000 acres - It's five and a half miles from the entrance gate to the campground but the drive is scenic and worthwhile.

Sometimes we are asked about the blog details.  Here is a report that Google maintains about our two blogs.  As you can see our original blog, "Adventures of Ron and Tippy Henderson" logged 51,543 page views or hits.  Our newest blog, "Ron, Tippy, Treky has just hit its 10,000th hit.  We have a world wide audience.  The current week sees readers from Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Australia as well as the US.
These bird houses at the park are made from clay.

There must be at least two dozen nature trails throughout the park.  Tippy and I started down this trail until I remembered from my days in Alabama that April is the month when Water Moccasins migrate and they don't let anything stand in their way.  We stayed on the gravel paths.

 Tippy loves nature trails - The only thing he likes better is exploring under picnic tables looking for bones or food that someone left behind.

Oak Mountain State Park is heavily wooded.  It is known as one of the southern-most mountains of the Appalachian Chain.  Tippy believes that anything "Southern" has to be good.  Ha.

This large lake is adjacent to the campground and fishing is permitted (with a license).  Licenses are available at the campground office.  There is also horseback riding, golf, and swimming.

There's Treky in site B-32 - All sites have water and 30 amp electricity.  A dump station is available - Showers and rest rooms are very clean.

This notice is clipped to a post at our campsite.  Treky is very proud of the fact that it identifies him as a motorhome.  Sometime folks call him a van.  Tippy and I don't care what they call him cause we love Treky.

Just look at this tiny little blue and yellow flower in the mist of all the huge trees.  Tippy stuck his foot in the picture so you can visualize how tiny the flower is.

We must mention that the Oak Mountain State Park is so large that it is impossible to obtain a signal of any kind - no TV, no cell phone and no WiFi.  That's why we are a day late.  We give the park five stars - something for everyone.

Ron, Tippy and Treky will see you in the Louisiana State Fairgrounds tomorrow at the FMCA rally.