Saturday, March 7, 2015

St. Augustine, Florida # 2

I wanted to stop and listen to the street musicians but Tippy didn't like the looks of their dog.

That's the local cemetery over there what's unique is that it's a condominium cemetery - that is they ran out of room in the city and buried people on top of each other.  Some graves have 11 people buried in them.

Pre-schoolers each holding on to a rope getting a little history lesson. I think that's nice and fun.

We visited many buildings like this - each with a story which I don't remember. So..............rather than guess what the guide told us, I just will not show those pictures.

The tourists think this old guy is funny - He says that the feeling is mutual.

Tippy thinks that all alligators should be hung up like this.

We like this.

There's good old Treky waiting for us.  He stands out in a crowd doesn't he?

Next post will be late next week.  We are going to Kennedy Space Center but I worked there for many years so I'm not interested in taking pictures there.

Next post will be from the Will McClean Florida Music Festival if WiFi is available - probably only one post - then it will be the last of April for additional posts.  We will have a long rest between trips.

Thanks for coming with us,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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