Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring - Redecorating

The Bradford Pear trees are blooming.  This is the view from my dining room window.  The window is tall and  low to the floor so Tippy can lookout of it and he does many times each day.  He thinks that this street is his and he barks at any car that stops too long - that is the only time he ever barks.

This is a view of my neighbor's ornamental fruit trees.

Zoomed-in view of the ornamental fruit tree bloom

Spring comes early in South Carolina - The trees in the wooded area across the street from my house are budding.

Can you see Mr. Cardinal in the center of the picture.  

Spring is time to start over with my house too.  My house is 26 years old and the interior is out of date - so it's time to redecorate.  First, down comes the wall paper throughout the house.  This means moving all the furniture to the center of the rooms,  This mess is the dining room.

The dinette will be in this condition for about three weeks while the walls have the wall paper removed, re-plastered and painted.  Where will I eat?

 And look at the kitchen over there - plaster over everything.

This is where my recliner sat.  It was also Tippy's favorite place to nap.  It had been a good friend to us both.  We felt sad to see it go but all the old furniture had to go - new furniture will go along with new paint and carpets.  

It 's such a mess in the house, Tippy suggested we get out and let the workmen go at it.  He suggested that we would be more comfortable staying in Treky for a couple of weeks or so.  As long as we will be in Treky anyway, we might as well go somewhere - maybe the beach.  It's still cool there but there is no painting or sanding going on.  We'll see you there in a few days.

Till then,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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