Saturday, March 14, 2015

Music Fest - Day 2

Someone set up a tent honoring our Missing In Action service men.  Each item shown here has a meaning - It is very impressive.  So many never came home from fighting to support the laws and people of the United States.  In my war alone, thousands are missing and were never accounted  for.  So I appreciate the thought behind this display.

How's this for a "Carnival" breakfast? - - eggs, bacon, toast.  Tippy says it's the best breakfast since we left home.  Ron thinks so too.

Tippy patiently waiting for his share of that "Carnival" breakfast.  People keep telling me that Tippy looks old.  To me he looks just like the day I got him from the Aiken County pound nine years ago.  I hope he lives forever.

Breakfast was sooooo good, we decided to skip lunch and for supper, we had a funnel cake with powdered sugar on it.  I remember my first funnel cake years ago.  It had powdered sugar and I got the sugar on my blue pants - that made a mess but good.

This is the first group that I heard at the fest.  Most consisted of from one to four musicians.

More later...........We may skip a day or two posting.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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