Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Headed South Again

Treky in the rain - We had planned on leaving today to visit cousins in Birmingham, AL but their weather forecast is for two inches of ice on the road.

Tippy says, "I will miss seeing my cousin in Birmingham too.  His name is Malone and we resemble each other.  Let's go somewhere and not just lay around the house in the sun.  I vote to go South."

So, I fixed a quick lunch of cheese toast with Splenda on top and started loading Treky.  I'm happy when I'm loading Treky.

Since it's raining, I'm using the garage as my staging area to load Treky.

Tippy says, "I wish you would look at how Ron has junked up his little Chromebook.  We depend on it a lot.  Ron doesn't use a computer with Windows - just the Chromebook.  I wish he were a little more civilized,"

We are going to head South as soon as the postman comes.  We will attend the Will McClean Music Festival next week so I guess we will just bum around Florida somewhere this week.

We look forward to your company this week.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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