Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Beach & Broadway @ Beach

Tippy: Treky, We've got to do something about Ron.  He's really getting bummy looking.

Treky:  Yeah, I'm ashamed when he gets out to fill the gas tank - I think people stare at him.

Tippy:  I'm going to make an appointment for him with my groomer when we get home.

Treky:  Shaving that beard off won't help  much - There's ugly under that too.

Ron:  Alright guys - I'll leave you both at the next campground if you don't straighten up.

This is as close as Tippy will get to the Atlantic Ocean.  He hates water except to drink.

View up the beach - North

View down the beach - South

No whole shells here - just pieces - maybe better shells after a storm

Tippy prefers to walk closer to the sand dunes far away from the ocean.

There are a lot of shopping opportunities in Myrtle Beach - one of the largest is Broadway at the Beach - I don't shop there but I think some of the buildings there are interesting.  This is the Hard Rock Cafe - No danger of me going in there.

This is the Palace Theater - one of six theaters in Myrtle Beach that I can think of. All have excellent shows.

I don't know what is in this building but it's unusual I think.

Enough Myrtle Beach until fall.

We are now at home.  We will stay at home for at least two weeks. So, there will be no posts during that time unless???????  Who knows what we may do.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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