Wednesday, March 25, 2015

03-26-15 Myrtle Beach State Park Campground

Tippy had to wait outside while I went in to register.  There are always volunteers to hold his leash while I take care of business.  He doesn't mind.

Neat recycling containers

Copperheads?????  Tippy would demand that we leave if he knew this.

I bought my first travel trailer in 1965 and have been camping pretty much ever since. Only on two occasions has someone stolen something from me at a campground - a TV coax cable and a rope clothes line.  That's pretty good odds.  I think campground are one of the safest places.

Walk-way to the beach.

Myrtle Beach State Park pier.  Some campers are out there fishing at all hours - day and night.  Tippy, Treky and I agree that if I caught a fish, it would be a mess to clean and cook.  We prefer to get our fish from a restaurant - which we will while we are here.

See the yellow flag?  Beyond it is the Atlantic Ocean.  Tippy suggested that the yellow flag means to slow down as it is going to turn red (Tippy has spent too much time in the passenger seat of Treky).

We see that the yellow flag means "Medium Hazard".

Tippy loves to play in the loose sand but hates the water.  He won't get within six feet of the ocean water.

More about the beach and campground tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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