Sunday, March 8, 2015

03-08-15 Lake Panasoffkee, Florida

Treky likes to take us where ever the road goes.  Tippy and I like that too.

As you can see Tippy is very worried about our destination.  He trusts Treky completely.

Tippy is happy with any destination that has good food.  In this case, Tippy and I shared a Grouper basket.  Grouper is a large Gulf of Mexico fish - actually I think Grouper is a small fish with a big mouth.  You have to catch one to appreciate that.  It is good eating.

Our campground is located on Lake Panasoffkee.  The locals claim that there is a huge fish in the lake that is difficult to catch. They have named him General Sumter.  This is a legitimate reward offer.

Have you ever seen a flag like this.  Our neighbor in the adjoining campsite is from Canada and is spending the winter here in Florida.  Treky would like to have a flag like this in that his house part was made in Canada and his automotive part was made in the US.  He holds dual citizenship.

I think this is a rose blooming in the campground.  It is pretty and takes the edge off all the palm trees and sand.

Tippy and I were eating lunch in a parking lot and I noticed this Dollar Tree store.  I have never been in one so I decided to kill some time and check it out.  My - it is hard to believe what they have on sale for a dollar - thousands of items - most of them look pretty good too.  My visit in the Dollar Tree is worth two or three posts just on the contents.  I think it's pretty nice.

WiFi permitting, we'll see you in a day or so from the Will McClean Florida Folk Music Festival.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. Ron really enjoy your blog,im a arm chair rver relly enjoy you alls adventures.My wif and i did take off last summer to travel across the country visiting friends and relatives.We did have one bad experience and that was the space center our fault tho left windows craked fla storm came up ,alarm went off and burned up the battery in our car.No matter what its wonderful traveling this country.Thank you for letting come too.Bob here in Md