Thursday, March 5, 2015

03-04-15 Tippy in St.Augustine, Florida

Tippy says, "This is one of the happiest days of my life.  I didn't look forward to staying in Treky while Ron toured St. Augustine.  He took me with him to buy his ticket and when we got to the lady selling the tour train tickets, he picked my up so that she could see me and Ron asked her if I could go on the tour if he held me in his lap. She asked if I was a service dog.  Ron said, "No but I couldn't live without him" She said, "That's good enough - be sure that you and he wear this sticker.  I got so excited.  The tour was terrific.  I sat very still and wore my best behavior."

See my sticker - I was assigned a seat just like the humans but I sat in Ron's lap - he was afraid I might fall off the trolley so he held me very tight.  The tour lasted about an hour and I was very still.

Treky waited in the parking lot.  We could have driven Treky instead of paying to ride the trolley.  He was disappointed that we didn't.

House of signs - Ron took 111 pictures - so we will be posting St. Augustine for several posts.

These are the folks who helped us onto the trolley.  The man on the right was in the Air Force and saw Ron's hat and they talked for a while.  He's the one who took our picture -kinda blurry but better than a selfie.

Meanwhile I'm in my seat trying to be very good so that no one will notice me.

There are really nice people in this world - especially the ones who make exceptions to let little dogs and old men ride on the trolley - Thanks St. Augustine for being "pet friendly".

More St. Augustine pictures tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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