Monday, February 16, 2015

SEA FMCA Rally - Last Day

Here are all 39 Roadtreks at the rally - Most are couples - Treky is at the very far end - so far that you cannot see him.

Two of my Roadtrek friends, The Seaveys, have this sign hanging on the radiator grill of their Trek.  I think it's neat.  Treky would like to have one but Ron gave away all his woodworking tools.  Note that it is shaped like a Roadtrek.

You can see that the sun is charging Treky's batteries at the rate of 4.9 amps.  It could go much higher but 4.9 is all the batteries need at this time.  Today is a beautiful 75 degrees and sunny.  It's a very good life here in central Florida.

Treky says this is the last post about the SEA FMCA rally.  WiFi permitting, we may have one or two posts about our trip home.  We are dragging our feet about going home as they are forecasting low temperatures in the teens.  

Thanks for going to the rally with us,

Ron, Tippy and Treky


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