Monday, February 9, 2015

Rainy Day in Florida

The first thing we did this morning was to fill Treky's gas tank at Walmart - He doesn't think $1.99 per gallon is too much.  We have paid more in Florida - much more.   That Blue DEF is required for the newer automobile diesel engines - many service stations now carry it.

The next thing we did was to get Treky washed - doesn't he look handsome and shiny?  Treky was hand washed and dried for $20.00.  We think that's a good price too.

While we were parked at Walmart, we saw a motor home dump his gray tanks on the parking surface - Shame - Shame.  I caught him in the act.  Walmart security was notified.  We left.

No sooner than we gotten back to our campsite than - Yep, rain.  Treky said, "That took care of my new wash job".

The rain killed any chance of outdoor activities - so we did the next best thing - Eat.  Three chicken wings, orange jello with whipped cream and my daily banana made up our lunch.  Tippy got part of the chicken as usual but when I dropped a spoonful of jello, he lapped it up and asked for more - Tippy will eat rocks, sticks -anything.

Our refrigerator/freezer is packed full for boondocking at Sarasota for four days.

Even the fridge door is full.

We will be here in Bushnell one more day - the rally in Sarasota starts on Wednesday.  It's about 100 miles from here - will take Treky about two hours including time for Tippy to visit a rest area or two.

We will see Yawl tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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