Sunday, February 8, 2015

On Our Way to Sarasota, Florida

Goodbye little toy chipmunk - I'll see you in two weeks - Ron says we don't have room for you in Treky.

You may have filled your tank at the Flying J but have you been inside?  They have every kind of electronic gadget you can think of, candy, souvenirs, clothing, books, just everything.  

 Tippy especially likes their pizzas. He likes the super-meat variety.  We just buy one slice at a time.  You can get a large slice of pizza and six chicken wings for $5.00.

Flying J has every kind of breakfast sandwich that you can imagine.  Scanning my Good Sam card enables me to get three cents per gallon discount on gas and a large coffee plus a breakfast sandwich for about $3.00.

They stock regular sandwiches such as ham and cheese.  I like their containers of bite-sized cantaloupe - also other fruit such as grapes.  They make a nice snack while driving down the highway.

We like Florida rest areas  -  Lots of green and shade - gives Tippy a little privacy too.  He's very shy - - - Ha Ha.

This one rest area located on I-10 has a lake too.  Tippy does not want to talk about alligators that might be lurking in that lake.

Can you see Treky parked way over there?  While we are in Florida, Treky will go to the Roadtrek dealer where we purchased him for some minor upgrades and adjustments  after the rally in Sarasota.

Tonight we are in Bushnell, Florida and Tippy is enjoying his favorite dog park.  The temperature is 77 degrees and we have Treky's air conditioner on.

Statistic:  In 2014, Ron, Tippy and Treky were on the road 171 days - almost half of the year.  We enjoyed every day and every mile.

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