Saturday, February 7, 2015

Going to Sarasota, Florida

Tippy: "We've been home almost two weeks and I'm tired of loafing around and sleeping - and tired of the cold weather - last night it went down to 27 degrees F.  Let's go South."

Speaking of South and the weather, this Bradford Pear tree has buds already - It's tough living in the South.  Did you know that South Carolina is the second "most moved into" state in the nation?

Tippy likes the Nandinas for color in our yard.

I'm packing up getting ready for a two week trip to Sarasota, Florida.  The newest food item on my list is sardines.  You may also notice on the far right a bottle of antacid tablets to take after the sardines.  Ha.

Can we take my little squirrel toy too?

 Sunset from my deck last night

My evening meal is called supper - I eat it about 5:30 pm.  Last night I had thick pork chop, mashed potatoes and gravy and french bread - not a bad meal for an old widower.  Tippy ate some of the pork chop.

I have never in my life had a beard - I'm reverting to my childhood I guess.  I was always concerned about what people would think so I was very conservative in my appearance.  Anyway, this is what a two month beard looks like.

I'll bring Treky home this afternoon and get him all packed up and depart home in the morning.  I'll probably take two days to get to Sarasota.  On Tuesday the SEA FMCA rally starts and lasts three days.  Next post will probably be two or three days from now.

Stay warm,

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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