Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cracker Barrel

We have talked about Walmart and Flying J being so nice to encourage RV'ers to park overnight in their parking lots.  Did you know that Cracker Barrel does the same?

Cracker Barrels located near the interstate highways usually provide reserved parking for RV's.  Of course Treky does not need this much space.  He can park very comfortably with the cars.

Treky admits that he could park with the cars but he enjoys parking in the RV area.  He, then, can converse with other RV's and find out where they have been and in the process select some good destinations for us.

I like the interior - it's homey. 

I spotted this very nice looking young couple in Cracker Barrel while I was waiting for my order.  The whole time I was there, they never spoke to each other.  They were totally absorbed with their phones.  Civilization has changed.

I usually order the "Old Timer's" breakfast but today, I tried the French toast with over light eggs and bacon.  It was good but the Old Timers is better.  The syrup for the toast was warm - they think of everything.

Tomorrow, we will hit Silver Springs State Park.  That's where the glass bottom boats are.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

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  1. glad i found you all again,will enjoy to ride along bob here in md