Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lake Panasoffkee, Florida

At Lake Panasoffkee, this is what Treky sees from his rear windows.

And this is what he sees overhead.

This is the lake complete with an air-boat - Nice

My campground neighbors recommended that I eat at Catfish Johnny's.  Tonight the special is Chicken Fried Steak.  I missed the country music but I would have liked that.

You can see that Catfish Johnny's is not a country club type of place.

I chose catfish fingers with cheese grits, cole slaw, hush puppies, and sweet tea.  I brought a few of the catfish fingers back to Treky to share with Tippy.

This wraps up the posts from our trip to the FMCA SEA rally.  As always, we appreciate you keeping us company as we travel. 

Our next planned trip will be to a music festival sometime in March.

In May, we are going on a 13 day caravan starting in Nashville, then to Memphis, Little Rock and winding up in Branson, MO.  -  All American Music.

So..........unless something exciting happens, we'll let you rest for a few weeks and see you again in March.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Going Home from the Rally

Many RV'ers travel with pets. This is Pettie, the pet of the President of Roadtrek International.  Pettie is special.

We have had sunsets over the Atlantic, the Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico - even sunset over Walmart - Now: Sunset over Treky.

Tippy says if it's sunset over Treky time, then it's night-night time for Tippy.  I know he's the sweetest little dog.  He loves his little bed.

What do you think of 73 degrees?  Nice huh?  Note that Treky has traveled 10,627 miles since the end of October.

Have you ever seen ferns growing out of a palm tree.  I have now.

Tomorrow we will be in Lake Panasoffkee, Florida if we can learn to pronounce it.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Monday, February 16, 2015

SEA FMCA Rally - Last Day

Here are all 39 Roadtreks at the rally - Most are couples - Treky is at the very far end - so far that you cannot see him.

Two of my Roadtrek friends, The Seaveys, have this sign hanging on the radiator grill of their Trek.  I think it's neat.  Treky would like to have one but Ron gave away all his woodworking tools.  Note that it is shaped like a Roadtrek.

You can see that the sun is charging Treky's batteries at the rate of 4.9 amps.  It could go much higher but 4.9 is all the batteries need at this time.  Today is a beautiful 75 degrees and sunny.  It's a very good life here in central Florida.

Treky says this is the last post about the SEA FMCA rally.  WiFi permitting, we may have one or two posts about our trip home.  We are dragging our feet about going home as they are forecasting low temperatures in the teens.  

Thanks for going to the rally with us,

Ron, Tippy and Treky


Sunday, February 15, 2015

SEA FMCA Rally - 2nd Day

Over 900 motorhomes are present at this rally -  I think that translates to about 1700 people.  Each morning, donuts and coffee are available.  There is always a large gathering around the donuts table.  Most people get at least two donuts.

My two donuts - The chocolate one is best.

While I am eating my donuts and coffee, I am entertained by the Frustrated Maestros band and chorus.  Great music - makes my day better.

I'm not allowed to eat donuts - Darn!

See you all tomorrow - we hope.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Saturday, February 14, 2015

SEA FMCA Rally - 1st Day

The 39 Roadtreks are parked together in a field at the Saratoga, Florida fairground.

Across from us are the big class A motorhomes.  There are a total of over 900 motorhomes here.  

Right outside Treky's back door is a Holly bush that has berries or peppers as the Indians called them.

The weather here in Saratoga is nice - mid 40's at night and a high of about 65 in the day - and sunny all day.  Treky is very happy with the sun as it is charging his batteries through his solar panels.  And Tippy - - - well as you can see, Tippy is just HAPPY!   Me too!

More tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Silver Springs Florida State Park.....

Silver Springs Park is now operated by the state of Florida.  For many years it was owned and operated by a commercial for profit company.

Park entrance - It is located near Ocala, Florida.

Much of the park is heavily wooded and left in its natural state.  Hooray!

Tippy called my attention to this sign.  Our whole team thinks that this is good advice.

I know nothing about plants but Tippy claims to be an expert. Fortunately, Tippy was allowed free access to Silver Springs State Park.  I like that too - he's good company.

You can see the springs in the distance - As always, this old man appreciates the occasional bench.

Tippy identifying more flowers - He says that these are Formosa Azaleas - ?????  You know Tippy.

Glass bottom boat coming into port

There are gift shops and a restaurant in the park - Pretty isn't it?

Better view of a glass bottom boat.

Tippy sez, "Tomorrow we will post about the FMCA rally in Sarasota, Florida - See ya then".

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cracker Barrel

We have talked about Walmart and Flying J being so nice to encourage RV'ers to park overnight in their parking lots.  Did you know that Cracker Barrel does the same?

Cracker Barrels located near the interstate highways usually provide reserved parking for RV's.  Of course Treky does not need this much space.  He can park very comfortably with the cars.

Treky admits that he could park with the cars but he enjoys parking in the RV area.  He, then, can converse with other RV's and find out where they have been and in the process select some good destinations for us.

I like the interior - it's homey. 

I spotted this very nice looking young couple in Cracker Barrel while I was waiting for my order.  The whole time I was there, they never spoke to each other.  They were totally absorbed with their phones.  Civilization has changed.

I usually order the "Old Timer's" breakfast but today, I tried the French toast with over light eggs and bacon.  It was good but the Old Timers is better.  The syrup for the toast was warm - they think of everything.

Tomorrow, we will hit Silver Springs State Park.  That's where the glass bottom boats are.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Last Day at Blueberry Hill Campground

We have only one pillow and Tippy thinks it's his.  He graciously lets me use it at night but in the day time, it's his.

For many years I wore a Casio Wave Captor watch.  It is radio controlled and is always accurate.  The watch lasts forever but the band wears out after about a year or two.  I saw this one in Walmart for $30.00 so, I'm wearing it now.  I like it.

  This afternoon, I swam a  few laps in the Blueberry Hill campground pool.  I got out of breath but otherwise did OK.  It was fun and relaxing.

Tippy commented that flowers seem to bloom early in Florida.  He likes these at the campground office.

There is even a little flower garden - I don't know the names of flowers but I appreciate their beauty.

I know the name of this - it's a fern.  My Grandmother loved ferns and her front porch was full of them.  As a eight year old, one of my jobs was to water her ferns every afternoon.

Tomorrow, I'll cover our trip to Cracker Barrel and to Silver Springs State Park.

See you then.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Monday, February 9, 2015

Rainy Day in Florida

The first thing we did this morning was to fill Treky's gas tank at Walmart - He doesn't think $1.99 per gallon is too much.  We have paid more in Florida - much more.   That Blue DEF is required for the newer automobile diesel engines - many service stations now carry it.

The next thing we did was to get Treky washed - doesn't he look handsome and shiny?  Treky was hand washed and dried for $20.00.  We think that's a good price too.

While we were parked at Walmart, we saw a motor home dump his gray tanks on the parking surface - Shame - Shame.  I caught him in the act.  Walmart security was notified.  We left.

No sooner than we gotten back to our campsite than - Yep, rain.  Treky said, "That took care of my new wash job".

The rain killed any chance of outdoor activities - so we did the next best thing - Eat.  Three chicken wings, orange jello with whipped cream and my daily banana made up our lunch.  Tippy got part of the chicken as usual but when I dropped a spoonful of jello, he lapped it up and asked for more - Tippy will eat rocks, sticks -anything.

Our refrigerator/freezer is packed full for boondocking at Sarasota for four days.

Even the fridge door is full.

We will be here in Bushnell one more day - the rally in Sarasota starts on Wednesday.  It's about 100 miles from here - will take Treky about two hours including time for Tippy to visit a rest area or two.

We will see Yawl tomorrow.

Ron, Tippy & Treky