Monday, January 5, 2015

Rose Parade # 1

This is the float that I helped decorate.  It was sponsored by the City of Sierra Madre  and was named "The Little Engine that Could".  It was in the Self Build category.

The buses left the camping area at 6:00 am.  That meant that I got up about 4:30 am.  The temperature was in the very low 40's with some wind.  We sat in the bleachers for about two hours waiting for the parade.  That's me with the USAF hat.  I was honored to be seated next to the lady who is President of Roadtrek International and was grateful to have 300 pounders seated on either side of us. It was COLD!

All tour members wore a badge which was required to be admitted to the various activities including meals.  This is my badge.

I got to see and hear the first two bands at the band concert before the rain started.  It was rained out.  I was disappointed.  That's life.

The Pasadena police department motorcycles cleared the street for the parade to begin.

In the bleachers directly across the street from my group were the Oregon football team supporters.  I wonder if they were used to the cold weather and therefore not as uncomfortable as me.??

This was the first float in the parade and was entitled "Inspiring Stories" which was the theme of this year's parade.

More parade for the next two or three days, WiFi permitting.  We are traveling across country now.  We spent the first night in Pichaco, Arizona, the second night in Van Horn, Texas, the third night in Seguin, Texas and tonight in Scott, LA.  We'll  take a couple more days to get home.

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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