Monday, January 19, 2015

In Bushnell, Florida - Overnight

When we are traveling, Tippy often rotates between the passenger seat and my bed.  He has a rough life.

I was having severe leg and foot cramps at night while in bed.  That'll wake you up!  Based on the recommendation of a fellow camper, I tried eating a banana a day - Camps gone. So, I consider bananas one of my medicines.  

 Tippy claims that the Dream Catcher mounted on the air conditioner over our bed keeps him from getting cramps.  You can't believe everything that Tippy says.

We parked next to this rig at Walmart in Bushnell.  The motorhome is about 40 feet long and the trailer must be at least 35 feet long.  I would hate to have to back it up or park it.  We love Treky. 

One thing Tippy likes about Bushnell is the very large and clean dog run.

As a group, campers are a very patriotic group.  Many have long flag poles that collapse and they always fly the U S flag.  Some also fly their state flag.

This is my contribution to the "pot luck" dinner tomorrow.  Orange-Cranberry pound cake sounds good to me.  I hope everyone likes it.

This is my contribution to Happy Hour which usually takes place about 4:30 pm everyday.  About half drink wine and about half, like me, drink water.  Anyway, a lot of good conversation takes place - like, "Where are you from, where are you going from here, where have you been recently - what do you like most about your Roadtrek, etc."

See yawl tomorrow, WiFi permitting,

Ron, Tippy, Treky

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