Thursday, January 22, 2015

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park - More

Can you see those shadows in the water?  Those are Manatees.

You can see this one better, I think.

Someone told me that this is an Egret.  I don't know much about birds.

There is a Hippopotamus over there by the bridge - He's not native to Florida but is left over from a commercial wildlife park that went defunked.  In order for the state to keep him in a state park, the Florida Governor had to declare the the Hippo is a citizen of Florida.  We don't know if he votes Democratic or Republican.

 This part of the park is where the Alligators hang out.

This alligator came up out of the water and bellowed - He was very loud and sounded to me like a tuba player with a  sore throat.  I'm glad that Tippy didn't come - He would have nightmares for a week.

 What do you think of this?  The guide said that Florida has 57 varieties of snakes and five are deadly poisonous - Now, I'll have nightmares for a week. 

We still haven't covered fully the park, so in a couple of days, we'll show more park pictures.

Today is our last day here at the rally.  We leave for home tomorrow and I'll probably take my time and may take two days for the trip.

See yawl soon,

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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