Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park

I spent the entire morning at Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.  This is about six miles from our campground.

Last night at the pot luck dinner, I won a door prize - - a nice travel mug for coffee.  It fits in Treky's cup holders perfectly. Tippy had to check it out before I could use it.

Tippy had planned to go with the Roadtrek group through the wildlife park but when he saw this fake alligator at the visitor's center, he said, "No Way!!  I'll wait in Treky".

The first part of our tour of the park was by boat on the Pepper River.  The volunteer captain was full of good information about the park.  The boat tour took about 20 minutes.

Our view of the Pepper River from our boat

Homosassa is an Indian word, meaning "land where peppers grow". Holly bushes grew here with their red berries which the Indians called peppers - thus - Homosassa and Pepper River.

This is a wood duck nest. The mother duck flies full speed through that little hole without harming herself and then lays her eggs.  The umbrella looking thing below the nest box is to prevent snakes and other predators from getting the eggs.

Good info

Manatees are a big attraction in this part of Florida.

I'll have to finish our tour tomorrow - - too much to see in one post.

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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