Saturday, January 24, 2015

Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park - - More of More

This whole family of birds has found a home way up in the top of a tree.

This Holly bush has the red berries that the Indians called peppers.


There are miles of walking trails in the park.  Old folks, like me, appreciate that benches are provided all along.

There are about 30 Roadtrekers visiting the park today - The parking lot is full of them.

More Holly berries - Peppers

You know Tippy - He's not satisfied to just look at the flowers - He's got to get up and into the flower bed - Bad Tippy.

For me, this has been a morning well spent.

See you later.  We are holding team meetings to plan 2015 trips.  The next trip is to Sarasota, Florida in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for riding with us,

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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