Friday, January 2, 2015

Arizona and SE California

Sometimes in Arizona, we see flat desert roads but in the far distance are mountains - we are never very far from mountains.

Tippy wants us to hurry up and get to the Rose Parade camping area.

One night in California, we camped on a mountain top.  See that long white horizontal line?  That's a building which parallels an aircraft runway.  We heard small planes taking off all night.

Also, from out moutain top campsite, we could see smaller mountains down below.

When I zoom in, we can see some of the mansions that have been built on the mountain side. I can see where a mud slide or forest fire could wreck these beautiful homes.  Here in California, they have mud slides and forest fires - In the Southeast, we have tornadoes and hurricanes.  I guess there are good and bad everywhere.

Got all three of us.  Treky on the left, me in the middle and Tippy in my arms.


  1. So glad you shared your new blog and glad to see you out and about! Looking forward to these new adventures

  2. Happy New Year!! So glad to be reading about your new adventures!