Thursday, December 31, 2015

On the Way Home from Florida

Note that Treky has crossed the 31,000 mile mark and that at 6:00am, the temperature is 87 degrees (F).  We're on out way home.

Florida is a wonderful place - No income tax - great roads - great weather - nice people and...............believe it or not:  dog parks at this rest area on I-75 North,  Tippy loves this - Ron too.  That's Treky parked over there on the far left behind the dog park fence. You can see his rear end.  That's Tippy in the middle of the picture.

At another rest area, we found this cat - very clean and well cared for - someone's pet.  She was unhappy and crying.  She would not let me pick her up.  What to do?  What to do?  Nothing I decided and drove on hoping for the best outcome.

When we stopped at McDonald's off I-75, look what we found:  A self-order and checkout machine - No human cashier unless you are paying with cash.  Tippy thinks it's a way to replace live employees - We found that Walmart and Kroger do the same thing.

We've had a nice trip and we appreciate that you chose to ride with us.  Before we leave again, Treky has to be serviced (oil change and tire rotation); Ron and Tippy have doctor visits (routine) and we have to wash clothes and restock groceries -  we are eager to go again.  Anyone have any ideas on a good destination?
We read every comment.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Florida - Southwest Coast

Big eight-lane boulevard going into Fort Meyers, Florida on a Tuesday afternoon about 3pm - We moved forward three feet and then stopped for five minutes - - over and over.  Not Treky's favorite thing to do.

This is McGregor Boulevard in Fort Meyers, Florida.  It is in "old" Fort Meyers.

Those are Royal Palm trees lining McGregor Boulevard.  McGregor runs for miles through Fort Meyers.  Thomas Edison lived here.

On a causeway leading to the approach to Sanibel/Captiva Islands

It took Treky one full hour to travel about two miles to get to the toll booth to cross the bridge to get to Sanibel.

Toll was $6.00 - Traffic was unbelievable - Treky's advice, "Don't go there".

The Sanibel Island bridge

Periwinkle Way - The main road on Sanibel - Not for heavy traffic.

It's our opinion that Central Florida is wonderful. - The further South you go and the closer to the water you go, the denser the population and the heavier the traffic.  Stay on the back roads - off the interstates and toll roads.  Visit the small towns - avoid the big cities - - Just the opinion of these three guys.

Tomorrow - the trip home.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Crossing Florida - East to West

You remember that Treky was upset when we crossed Florida from West to East?  Traffic was heavy on the Florida Tollway - It costs $13.00 in tolls and we had to stop every few miles to pay the tolls.  So.......when we reversed and traveled East to West, Treky took the "less-traveled" blue highways.  Big difference.

Just look at this "back-roads" highway - 65 miles per hour speed limit, flat and straight - doesn't get better than this.

Cattle ranches in all directions - Almost no traffic.

Even a small hill now and then.

Travel conditions were perfect until we got close to the West coast where lots of people live.  People like to live close to water - Everywhere.  

Check us out tomorrow when we see how too many people and too much traffic can be miserable. 

Today was great!

Ron,Tippy and Treky

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ft. Pierce, Florida KOA Campground

When we left NASA Kennedy Space Center, we got on US highway 1 and headed South.  U S highway 1 runs from Key West in the South to Bangor, Maine and beyond in the North.

Tippy likes KOA, Ft. Pierce.  This is Treky's campsite fenced in from U S 1 highway.

He also likes the palm trees - Ha.

The campsites here are arranged in a circle.

The pedestals, where we plug in electric and water have a unique shape - much better looking than the usual 2 x 8 board driven into the ground.

They call their dog park, Kamp K9 

Tippy:  "I like the dog park here but I'm not going to get on that see/saw.

Can you see Treky squeezed into that tint campsite?  That's U S highway 1 on his right.  Traffic did not bother us.  We slept well.

They are still celebrating Christmas

Their flags show their patriotism and advertise at the same time.

We will head back to the West coast of Florida tomorrow. 

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Monday, December 28, 2015

Kennedy Space Center Visit - - Fail

Everytime I turn my back, Tippy gets into my Chromebook.  He claims that he published a post yesterday concerning email notification  when we  publish a new post.  I don't know about Tippy.  Treky says that sometimes Tippy tells lies.

Before we left Bushnell headed to Kennedy Space Center, I had breakfast at my favorite breakfast place - Howies, where I can get two eggs cooked to order, crisp bacon, grits and toast for $4.98. Coffee is extra.

 My overall favorite Bushnell restaurant is Sonny's - Baby back ribs, corn-on-the-cob, cole slaw, hot barbecue sauce and sweet tea - - ummmmmmm  good.

Treky drove all the way across Florida, from near the Gulf coast to the Atlantic to reach Kennedy Space Center.  Treky was very unhappy - he selected a toll road and he says that every six or seven miles there was a toll booth.  He paid a total of $13.00 in tolls - a dollar at a time except for once was $3.00.  He didn't mind the amount of money involved but the frequency made him unhappy.

Treky arrived at the Space Center's Visitors' parking area early to miss the crowds but there were already thousands of cars there.  He finally found a parking place in lot # 5.  Treky sorta stands out - doesn't he?  Treky was upset that he had to pay $10.00 just to park - he felt some better when they agreed to accept his credit card.

This looks like a reproduction of a launch vehicle.  I took this picture over the fence from the parking lot.

There were tens of thousands of people all waiting to buy tickets (The minimum admission is $50.00 per person plus additional events were available such as guided tours for additional costs.)

Ron devoted ten years of his life (1959 - 1969) to the space program as Saturn/Apollo Program Manager for his company.  He was personally invited by Dr. Werner Von Braune to view each launch.

This is page one of my invitation from Dr. Von Braune to witness the very first launch of the Apollo/Saturn.  Note that he called me Wally. My real first name is Wallace - therefore, Wally.  When he wanted to get your attention, he wouldn't send a regular letter.  He would send a telegram - that's what this is.  We had no email.  We had no computers.  He has identified me as Program Manager.

Therefore, I'm not paying to see models and reproductions of somethings I helped make.   Tippy and Treky are ashamed of my bad attitude.

Tourists taking pictures of tourists taking pictures - lined up to buy tickets.

Too much for this old guy - too many memories of 36 hour days - no time off to eat or shave or shower.  Oh well life goes on.

So, we moved on -  headed South - not much conversation on our trip down to Fort Pierce, Florida.

We'll see you there tomorrow.  Forgive bad attitude.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tippy sez, "FOLLOW BY E-MAIL"

If you would like to be notified each time that Ron, Treky and I publish a post, just enter your email address in the block provided at the right-hand top of this blog.  We will continue to have that block when we issue new blog posts.  We have also included the same block at the very end of the blogs as a right footnote.  

Google will email  a confirmation to you so as to ensure that following us is your desire.

For those who asked for this - Thanks - We just added it due to your inquires.

Keep riding with us - we like you,


The Florilow Oaks Campground Oaks

Checkout the oak trees behind Treky's campsite.  See out new chairs out front.  If we put out the chairs and Tippy and I sit in one, pretty soon someone comes along and visits with us.  Tippy and I like that especially if they have a dog.  Yesterday someone stopped by with their  cat.  Believe it or not, Tippy and the cat got along just fine.  Tippy even licked the cat's nose.  He's a strange dog - but good.

Speaking of Tippy - his rule is, "who gets in bed first gets the pillow".

The tops of the oaks form all sorts of patterns.  We love these old trees.

These trees tower over the Florilow Rec Hall.  To the left there is the fire ring where social hour takes place each day at four o'clock and to the right are two of the shuffle board courts.

I especially like this one.  All of the roads in Florilow are paved and are one-way.  Many of  the structures are Park-Models and are more or less permanent.  Some folks live here year round, some live here only in the winter and then go back north in the summer and a few like us spend only a few days.

Another view of the trees behind Treky.

There are two small calves in the field behind us and Tippy is intrigued by them. He's a city dog and I don't think that he has ever seen a cow.  He's not afraid of them - just curious.

These are the oaks over Tippy's dog park.

Full moon on Christmas night as seen through Oak tree limbs

We will remain here for another day or two.

Ron, Tippy and Treky

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Dinner 2015

Table decoration

Florilow dining room before dinner

Florilow dining room during dinner - There were about 75 people eating.  Most, if not all, are residents and visiting campers.

Another view - I really enjoyed the food and fellowship

The serving table.  Ham and turkey were served as well as lots of side dishes - Delicious - I chose the ham - I could have had both if I wanted.

I did not take a picture of my tray of food before I ate - Too hungry to wait - This is what was left over - - - NOTHING!

The desert table.  We ate Dinner (lunch) at 1pm and then came back at 4pm for desert - That allowed everyone time to take a nice nap - which is what I did.

My left over desert plate.

I had a very nice Christmas day.  I got email and facebook posts from friends and family and that made it much nicer.

It seems that life gets better everyday.

Ron, Tippy and Treky