Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Traveling West - Hooray! No More Airplanes

Tippy is still on Eastern Standard time....so when it's 9 pm here, it's way past his bedtime.  He just burrows under the cover to block out the light and goes to sleep.  Tippy is smart but he wants to get his way (like most of us).

That's the I-10 Mississippi River bridge.  Treky thinks that it's not much of a bridge.  He is an expert on bridges.  One day, he wants to cross the Golden Gate - but not this trip.

Tippy says, "Look what the old guy did.  He cut off what little hair that he had and is trying to grow a beard.  If I didn't love him, I'd have him committed".

So far, on our trip, the highest gas prices were in Florida and the lowest in Texas.  I paid $1.93 (with my Good Sam Flying J discount) near San Antonio, Texas.  Big difference between that and what we paid for the same trip  last year.  $1.50 per gallon cheaper this trip.

New Mexico mountains are a welcome break from the flat lands of West Texas.  However, Treky hates the 40 mile per hour cross winds, Tippy is not happy with 35 degree temperature and Ron is just happy to be traveling.

We are in Deming, New Mexico tonight.  Treky got a bath today.  The rain from Pensacola to Beaumont and the 18 wheelers throwing up highway dirt and grit had pretty well messed up the bath that he got just before we left South Carolina.  He looks good now.

Today is a gift - - We didn't buy it - - - We didn't earn it - - -
It is a gift!!!

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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