Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Mighty Eighth Air Force

The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum is located in Pooler, Georgia just off Interstate 95.  The museum consists of a two story building and a Memorial Gardens.  Included in the Memorial Gardens is a "Chapel of Fallen Angels".  This is a stone chapel is built to resemble an English chapel.  The 8th Air Force was primarily stationed in England during WWII.

Typical air crew members dressed for flight.  They flew missions over the English channel on their way to bomb Germany - therefore, the life preservers.

World War I was called the war to end all wars.  Hitler took advantage of the fact that Europeans were tired of war.  He rose to power and started WWII by invading Poland.  Italy, Mexico, and Ireland soon joined him.  The swastika, above, was the emblem of his National Socialist Party.  Only England stood alone against the Socialist party war machine in the early days of the war.  Then, the US came to England's aid.  

This is the flag of the Japanese Empire.  Our pilots called their planes "Zeros" as only the red circle was included as insignia on their planes.

The Eighth Air Force airmen lived and worked in Quonset Huts like this when they were flying out of England.  Quonset huts are easy to assemble and are cheap.  My oldest son was born in a Quonset Hut in Alaska.  It was serving as a hospital.

More on the Eighth Air Force tomorrow.  I'm running out of WiFi.

I'll  see you tomorrow from Crestview, Florida.

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