Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Mighty Eighth Air Force # 2

The small blue and orange plane was used as an observation tool during the early days of WWII and was used as a pilot trainer.

If you aren't interested in U S Air Force airplanes, hit "delete"  now because after I left the Mighty Eighth Air Force, I went to Eglin Air Force Base in the panhandle of Florida for a couple of days.  So....the next few posts will be entirely about Air Force airplanes.

This is a gasoline reciprocating engine that powered some of the large bombers of WWII.  The cylinders are mounted in a circular fashion around the propeller shaft.

This is a  B-17 bomber built by Boeing.  It was one of the work horse bombers in the war against Germany.  Frequently a B-17 would return to England from the bombing raid over Germany with its tail shot off or missing part of the fuselage or wing.  Hundreds were shot down over the target.

Flight crews often wore leather jackets like this. The planes were not pressurized and at altitude it got very cold.

 They even have a Staff Sergeant's uniform on display - I was a Staff Sergeant - Great job - Poor pay.

This is a 250 pound bomb.  It is loaded with TNT and is detonated by a common shotgun shell located in the nose.  When the bomb hits the target, the shotgun shell fires igniting the bomb.  I bet I have loaded a thousand of these.  They were used on bombers and fighters.  The bombers had  bomb bays and in fighters the bombs were hung under the wings.

I spent most of today at Eglin Air Force Base and tonight we are camped at a campground near Pensacola, Florida.  I lived in Pensacola the first five years of my life.

The U S Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin AFB had enough interesting stuff that will fill at least the next three posts.  So.......get ready for more Ron's tall tails about his time in the Air Force.

WiFi permitting, I'll see you tomorrow - probably from somewhere in Texas.

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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