Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Preparing for California Trip

I fly my flag every December 7th, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.  I was 11 years old and I remember where I was when I learned that the Japanese had attacked our Pacific Naval Fleet and destroyed most of it.  For the next four years, everything was rationed - food, gasoline, shoes and everything.  I was allowed one pair of shoes every six months.  No new automobiles were produced - everything went to the war effort.  So much for an old man's reminiscing.  Almost every home in my neighborhood had a blue star banner hanging in the window indicating that someone in that home was serving in the armed forces.  As the war wore on, many of those blue stars turned to gold indicating that that family member was killed.  I'm not sure that we could win that war today.

Tippy and I have received seven Christmas cards - His name is on every envelope - The postman probably thinks that I have a wife named Tippy  Ha.

Speaking of Tippy, He's anxious to head for California but he will miss sleeping in the midst of my computer network wires.

We don't have a Christmas tree this year but I think the Pyrocanthia bush with its green leaves and red berries looks like Christmas.

Treky got a wash job and is nice and clean.  He's parked in the driveway ready to leave early Thursday morning.

Tippy was groomed today.  He wants to leave a good impression on the California folks. 

My clothes are rolled and ready to load in Treky.  I, like Tippy, want the California people to have a good impression of South Carolina folks so I'm limiting my packing to only clothes that are less than 10 years old.

Look what two of my GOOD NEIGHBORS brought to me and Tippy:  Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies for me and Beggin Bites for Tippy -  Tippy hasn't had Beggin Bites since the same neighbors brought them for a prior long trip.  They are his most favorite.  I don't think the cookies will make it all the way to California.  I love them.  Thanks Good Neighbors.

We will leave Thursday morning early and our first stop will be Eglin Air Force Base in the panhandle of Florida.  We may stay there two nights.

For Now!

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