Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Mexico to California

As we move West, the sky seems to get bigger.

We can see mountains and weather in the distance.

As we get closer, you can see these mountains are not the "rolling green hills of the East - never the less, they are beautiful.

Treky thinks these rocks look like a whale with its mouth open.

We stopped in Quartzsite, Arizona to get gas and paid $2.42  per gallon.  There was a Burger King at the gas station and I bought three French Toast sticks.  While I sat there in the parking lot eating the toast sticks, I noticed:

two homeless men with a sign that said "Food".  My first thought, "If I give them money, they will probably spend it on alcohol or drugs".  As I watched them, I noticed that each one had a small dog.  Tippy  suggested "If you give them money, at least the dogs will get some food and those dogs love those men as much as I love you".  So, I gave them $10.00 each - probably a dumb thing to do - but I have to live with Tippy and that made him happy.

Beard is getting a little longer.  Tippy thinks I should cut if off and glue it to my head - Why do I keep him around?

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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