Friday, December 26, 2014

Deming, New Mexico Veterans' Park

For lunch, one day, I had a beef Tostato  at the Sun Rise Cafe in downtown Deming.  The cafe is owned and operated by three women.  They advertise that their specialty is Mexican and American food.  I ate breakfast (American) there one day too.  The Tostsato costs $6.00 - it was worth three times that much.

Much of the undeveloped area around Deming looks like this - sand, rock and tumble weed.

While driving around Deming, we saw their Veterans' Park.  The words at the bottom of the sign: "Go spread the word - Tell the passerby - That in this little world - Men knew how to die.

Some members of the New Mexico National Guard were at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Another memorial to Pearl Harbor

I know that this is an anti-aircraft gun - It could have been mounted aboard ship (Navy) but most likely it was from the New Mexico National Guard (Army).

Another memorial

Old Army tank.

Because Tippy is a good conversation starter, I was able to talk to several Deming citizens.  Most are of Mexican heritage and most have been here for decades.  Some have opened up and told me that while they are proud of their Mexican heritage, they resent being called "Hispanic".   They say that their ancestors came from Spain in Europe and they are no less Caucasian than those Americans who have English, French, Russian, etc ancestors.  Everyone that talked to me about this emphasized that "Hispanic is not a race".  They feel that they are Caucasian.   I had not thought much about this before coming to Deming.

We hope you had a good Christmas.

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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