Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Camping with Tippy in New Mexico

New Mexico sky seen while driving - note Treky's rear view mirror in corner of picture

Tippy has located one of Treky's heating radiators.  This may become Tippy's favorite daytime nap place.

Better view.  Tippy has so many decisions to make each day.  There are so many good places to nap.  He usually tries each one for a few minutes before selecting one.

Do you remember the TV cartoon about the Roadrunner and I think a Coyote?  Well this is a real live Roadrunner.  He hangs around the campground.  I suppose someone is feeding him.

Speaking about Tippy having to make decisions - there is a dog park in the campground and the dogs have a choice of a fireplug (city dog) or a stump (country dog).  Which one do you think Tippy chose?

The picture doesn't show it but Tippy chose the stump so I guess for this afternoon at least, he is a Country Dog.

That's all for today- - - -

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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