Friday, December 19, 2014

Air Force Armament Museum, Eglin AFB, Florida

Seeing the sunrise in Treky's rear view mirror means that Ron, Tippy and Treky are headed in their favorite direction: West.

The U S Air Force Armament Museum is located adjacent to Eglin Air Force Base near Crestview, Florida.  

Eglin AFB is one of the country's largest military bases.  President Truman once said that if we would divide the base into residential lots, in this very desirable section of the Sunshine State and sell the lots, we could probably pay off the national debt.

This is a 750 pound Laser-guided bomb. Way after my time.

Air Force weapons cover a huge range - from 22 caliber rifles to nuclear weapons.  The most common small arms in my time were the M-1 30 caliber Carbine and the M-1911 45 caliber automatic pistol. 

This is the "Fat Man" bomb.    See below:

I didn't get all of the description but maybe this is enough to give you an idea of one of the nuclear weapons of my time.

I have lots and lots more including the fastest airplane in the world.

Today, we traveled from Pensacola, Florida to Beaumont, Texas.  It rained hard all the way - terrible driving conditions.  Tomorrow, we hope to make it to Fort Stockton, Texas and then the next five days we will spend in Deming, New Mexico enjoying the Christmas holidays and a Christmas dinner with many other "solo" travelers.  Tippy and I will not be by ourselves this Christmas.

However, we still have about four more posts about the AF Armament Museum.  I hope that you don't get tired of looking at airplanes.

WiFi willing, we will see you tomorrow,

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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