Sunday, December 21, 2014

Air Force Armament Museum # 3

This is a B-47 Strato Jet.  Inside that plastic nose cover is a radar antenna.  When it is turned on and you walk by with an arm load of fluorescent tubes, they light up, surprising you to the extent that you drop all the bulbs - don't ask me how I know this - The Air Force charged me for the replacement bulbs.


This is an F-104, the successor to the plane that I primarily worked on, the F-94.  I think the F-104 looks like a fighter jet should look - sleek!


F-86 Sabre Jet fighter


You will probably not be too happy to learn that the next three posts will be about airplanes.

Tonight we are camped in Deming, New Mexico - Excellent WiFi.  For supper, we had real Mexican tacos.  Tippy likes them.  Tippy likes ANYTHING to eat

The temperature is forecasts to go down to 25 tonight and a high of 
58 tomorrow.  

See ya then,

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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