Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Thinking About Going to Florida

Sunlight filtering through my Crepe Myrtle tree.

We had planned on going to Florida tomorrow but the temperature is  forecast to go down to 19 degrees tonight plus it will be cold in Florida too.  Too cold to enjoy the outside - so we would have to stay inside Treky most of the time - Not good.  So, we have put off departure until next Saturday - Warmer weather expected here and in Florida.

My neighbor planted these two trees 26 years ago.  He selected them based on their colors.  I look forward to watching them change colors every fall.

We are not leaving until Saturday but I'm getting ready - gathering up stuff to load.  That's my old Air Force hat the I bought when we were in Dayton, OH at the AF Museum.  It's not pretty but it's floppy so I can stuff it in my hip pocket and it's washable.

This is our medicine we will pack.  Tippy takes a pill every 12 hours to control his epilepsy - I take two puffs of Symbicort every 12 hours to help my old frost-bitten lungs breath (it really works).  I also take a statin, aspirin and vitamin once a day.

What's the banana for?  - - A banana a day keeps me from having leg or foot cramps at night.  So I guess you could call it medicine too.

Tippy is so disappointed that we are delayed.  But he adapts to every situation - He lives in the now - The future and the past don't worry Tippy.  He's good for me. 

We plan on posting again on Saturday - WiFi permitting. 

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