Sunday, November 23, 2014

Small Town America - Bushnell, Florida

Let's explore Bushnell, Florida - Tippy agrees if we do it in Treky.  Then he can stay warm, cool, dry or whatever and can sleep when it gets boring.

First we check to see how our solar panel is doing - It's hard to see but the solar panel is charging the batteries at 1.0 watts.  There is no sun and it is very cloudy - yet the solar panels are working.  When the batteries are full, the solar panels just adds a trickle charge (minimum).

 This is the Sumter County courthouse - very ornate - I can picture a bunch of old men sitting around whittling on Saturday mornings.  Bushnell, Florida is the county seat of Sumter County.

There are three monuments to Sumter County Americans killed during the wars.  These are located in front of the Courthouse.  The large one in the center lists at the top World  War I service people - under that is the list of World War II service people and then under that the Korean War  and under that  the Vietnam Era war.  The two smaller monuments on each side are reserved for Iraq and Afghanistan era killed in action.  It makes me feel good that there are still places in the United States where "Killed in Action" are honored at a government owned facility.

On the courthouse square is Waller's Restaurant.  At 9:00 am, it was very busy.

This is what I ate for breakfast at Waller's Restaurant - two eggs over easy, crisp bacon (four pieces), grits, sourdough toast and coffee - served to me by the daughter of Waller and cooked by Waller - Waller's wife worked the cash register.  Nice.

Bandstand in the park.  I bet there are folks who have never heard the word "Bandstand".

And of course the fountain in the park. 

All in all, I think Bushnell, Florida is a grand place.  Folks around here smile at each other.  Our team likes that.

We will  plan to be in Cedar Key tomorrow.

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