Friday, November 14, 2014

Ron, Tippy & Treky are Back

Fall is in the air and so was the Flu.  I've been "down" with the flu for a couple of weeks but I'm well now.  Antibiotics are wonderful.
This is the view across the street from my house.

This is looking out my dining room window.  This poor tree was damaged by the ice storm but it still looks good to me - color especially.

Can you believe that my Encore Azaleas are blooming?  They bloom three times a year and I guess this is their fall bloom.

 Treky says that he is tired of being "stored" and is ready to go "somewhere".  He's not intimidated in the least by his Phaeton neighbor.

Treky's stainless steel sink - Automatic hot water from the Alde heating system - Instant hot water.

Tippy laughed at my electric toilet.  It flushes electrically and has a built in macerator.

This is the electric toilet two-way flush switch.

Treky's new control panel.

Treky's old refrigerator door would sometimes swing open when we made a sharp curve too fast.  Contents would roll all over the floor and would have to stay there until we could find a place to stop.  The new refrigerator has a pin that locks the door.  We like that.

Next Wednesday, we will head South, roam a round a few days and then spend Thanksgiving week at Cedar Key, Florida.

It's going down to 29 degrees F here tonight.  Treky's new Alde heating system means that when he is plugged in or is running, he does not have to be winterized.  Yeah - I hated that chore.

See yah in a day or two.

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