Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Going to Cedar Key, Florida

You see these birds in the ditches along side the secondary roads in Florida.  Treky says that Florida has the best secondary roads in the United States.  They are flat, straight and smooth.  I guess he would know as in the last three years, one Treky or another has traveled over 120,000 miles - All three of us enjoyed every mile - No accidents, traffic tickets or traffic issues of any kind.

Gas is $2.68 down here in Florida and Treky with the added weight only gets 16.6 miles per gallon.  We're happy with that!

Speaking of gas, before Treky's changes, the gas filler port was very near the rear bumper.  Now it's amid ships.  I notice it when I'm pulling up to a gas pump trying to align the pump and the filler port - again - We're happy!

Tippy loves to stop where there is a dog run - He can run free.  He likes that.

But after a few trips around the dog run, Tippy wants  back in Treky and Go Go Go Go - That dog loves Treky.

One of many things that Tippy and I like about Florida is Sonny's Baby Back Ribs.  We try to eat at Sonny's at least once every trip down here.

It's 65 degrees (high) and raining hard here at Cedar Key - Not good for taking pictures - should be better this afternoon.

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