Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cedar Key, Florida - Thanksgiving Day

The day started foggy and cold but the weather channel promised that it would get sunny and warmer.

One thing I have failed to mention about the campground is its cable TV - See the small gray wire?  That's the cable TV cable connection running from Treky to the campground pedestal - We get 27 channels which allowed me to watch football, Seinfeld, and Big Bang Theory.  More importantly, I can see the Iron Bowl game Saturday between Alabama and Auburn - the biggest rivalry game in my home state, Alabama.  For many years it was played in Birmingham (hence the name Iron Bowl) but now it is played in Tuscaloosa.

 The campers begin to gather - Serving time is 1:30 pm but we are all eager to taste the Thanksgiving goodies.  The campground owners provide and cook the ham and the turkey and each camping family furnish sides and deserts.  (Tippy and I are considered a camping family).  Note that it is warm enough for some folks to wear shorts - no cold-natured Ron.

This is a portion of one of the tables containing the turkey, ham and sides.  I sliced up a plate full of South Carolina-grown tomatoes as my side contribution - I'm not much of a cook and even I could not make too big of a mistake slicing tomatoes.  At the end of the meal, all of the tomatoes were gone so I guess they were acceptable as a side.

This was the desert table.  Desert receipts from all over the United States and from all American cultures were featured here.  My favorite unusual deserts were chocolate covered peanut brittle and angle food cake covered in cranberries and dipped in chocolate - can you even imagine this?

After the Thanksgiving meal, the ten of us Solotrekers gathered in the campground club house to talk about our travel plans for 2015 and to tell tall tales about our past travels.  This is our third year to attend this Thanksgiving gathering with the Solotrekers  - They and their animals have become my and Tippy's family. That's "ole Ron" in the middle.

We'll be here a couple more days and WiFi permitting, we'll post to the blog.

Ron, Tippy, & Treky 

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