Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cedar Key, Florida - Last Day

Tippy, Treky and I hate to leave Cedar Key - It is truly "Old Florida" - The nearest fast food restaurant is 40+ miles away near Gainesville.  At night, there are no lights - just the moon and ten million stars that would not be visible in a city environment.  Cool nights, warm sunny days, and the soft sound of the Gulf of Mexico water lapping at the rocks a few feet behind Treky all combine to make us say, "Life is Good".  Best, however; food and conversation with friends make a complete life.

A seafood platter, that I enjoyed at Adablue Cafe

Some of my good Solotreker buddies with whom I enjoyed several meal and hours of good conversation.  

The President of Roadtrek International, a chapter of Family Motor Coach Association holding a Solotreker's best friend.

Have I mentioned that Adablue Cafe hand-manufactures and sells "homemade" fudge?

Many varieties of fudge

And more - Tippy is now allowed to eat fudge and I feel bad eating around him when he cannot share so I didn't buy any but I wish.

We leave here early in the morning and will be home for a couple of weeks and then head to Pasadena, California- - - See you then

Ron, Tippy & Treky

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